Holding a human brain…

Yep. That was the highlight of my day today. Craziness! I accompanied my husband to his A & P lab, and they were dissecting the human skull. The process involved sawing through the entire circumference of the skull (which took a good twenty minutes!!), then taking off the dura matter, then clipping the optic, olfactory, and various other nerves and connective tissue, and then pulling the brain out – WOW – let’s just stop right there for a second. We pulled out the BRAIN…and I got to HOLD it. It’s SO HEAVY. It felt like holding a roasting chicken–you know, those big fat ones that are in the freezer section? Then, we actually got to SEE the pituitary gland. It’s the size of a pea (just like all the textbooks say), but it’s not round at all–it looks like a soft, rubbery, crumpled up pea. It’s so tiny!! WOW!!! the human body is beautiful.

The only gross part about the visit (yes, I was actually fine with being in a room surrounded by eight human cadavers!) was that the skinned cadavers’ flesh looked just like any other mamal or poultry flesh…..EWWWW! I’m not being gross or irreverent here–their flesh looked just like the stuff you see in the meat department of a grocery store. It really struck me that eating meat is eating a DEAD BODY. Strange, that’s all. More to come.

Btw, love ya J-bird!!


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