beautiful day….

All of the painting projects in our home are FINALLY FINISHED!! WOW. The entire interior has been repainted. It’s a beautiful thing. Our guestroom is a beautiful sky blue, our office is a light green….a little to bright for our taste, but HEY, it was our first room! The hall (TINY) is “Calla Lilly/Country White”, which really opens everything up, and it leads into our “blue opal” living/dining area. Blue opal is amazing….it’s basically an unbelievably faint blue that changes colors throughout the day, depending on the light that hits it…in the morning it’s almost white, with a tiny tint of bright blue, like a very clean sky. In the afternoon, it looks like a little more blue-tinted (less white), and then at night it has these tints of purply grey. I’m in love: what can I say? : )

Our guest bathroom is beach themed….LOVE IT. From about waist height on down, it’s sponged in sandy colors. Then from waist height on up, there’s three (very subtle) shades of blue and white swirled together in a colorwash to look like the sky. There’s a clean white border of crown molding separating the two levels. Our bedroom is just a pure white….very clean and uncluttered. And our guest bathroom is sponged 3 different very subtle shades of green with negative leaf prints on it to look like leaves are kinda swirling/fluttering around the walls. The leaves we used to make the prints were from our trees in the front yard.

But the BEST part of the day was waking up and having breakfast with J and C!!!! It was so awesome to have them visit on their way back home. ::hugs to all::


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