summer update

YES! Got a lot done today on my day off despite having WASTED the previous two days :(

  • Got my application in for EMT school this summer.
  • Completed my application for Concord Law School & called my admissions advisor to set up an interview.
  • CLEARED OUT THE LIVING ROOM (we’ve had a huge, UGLY work table in there for the past 7 months. EWW! now it’s GONE…WHOOHOO!)
  • Got the doggie groomed: she is now “Le Puffy Puppy”…I love how hilarious she looks after the groomer “fluff-dries” her.
  • Got the laundry done!

Feeling rather isolated lately….missing many people. Guess it’s my cue to start chatting with God more, eh? :-P Love to all…


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  1. hmmm…in a stunning case of the pot calling the kettle black, let me just remind you that *some* of us have yet to update our blogs :) :) :). Love you, friend. Can’t wait to see you Friday!!!

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