what a week!

And may I say it again??? WHAT A WEEK!

  • I’m officially a licensed stockbroker and “Investment Consultant” with my work (YEAY ME!!) ( I have been for some time, according to the State of CA, but now I officially am according to my work)
  • My best friend got MARRIED THIS WEEKEND and I got to be a “matron of honor”
  • I peed on my dog (looooong story)

So, I got to be in LA again–talk about a “WOW Experience”. When I went back to the dreaded hotel where I spend 4 months last year, checking in as late as possible, I recognized the guy working the desk. He glanced up (and mind you, this is a HUGE hotel in LA, and it’s been 8 months since I’ve been there) and the first thing he said was “HI!! How’s married life? Long time no see!” OK, if that’s not the coolest customer service ever, I don’t know what is.

That set the tone for a great week, and I was able to complete my class for Wells Fargo to officially allow me to sell stocks, bonds, and other investment products.

Then, I dashed over to AZ to fulfill my matron of honor’s duties for my bestest friend : ). The wedding was AMAZING, as was the gorgeous reception. It’s still surreal that my best friend is married to a guy that my husband and I introduced her to….kinda terrifying! : ) It was a beautiful day, though very difficult….There’s a quote by Sheldon Van Auken, I believe, that talks about how there is much joy in life, but all of that joy is tinged with a sense of sorrow because in this world, we’re surrounded by loss, tragedy, and sadness. That is SO true of the recent events. Bear was so present and so obviously not present. He was in the purple irises in all of our bouquets (his fave color was purple)…he was SO missing in the picture of Juliet and her mom….Moments before the ceremony was to begin, we took pictures and I just about lost it when the photographer was taking pics of family with the bride, and there was Pamela (J’s mom) standing next to Juliet without Bear. Yet, it was a joyous celebration of the union of 2 lives and families. Amazing. God is good, and Life is Beautiful, and yes, the world sucks!

Much love. I’ll try to be better about posting.


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