as promised….

Yes, Juliet, I’m posting….

What a crazy summer already. Let’s see: we’ve

  • been without A/C during one of the hottest weeks all summer
  • been without water during the same week
  • seen 2 of the greatest couples we know get married
  • bought our tix to go to the Philippines (Oct 24..whoohooo!)
  • fixed a/c and water and learned to appreciate a/c and h2o immensely
  • gotten a leave of absence granted for A from school

On the work front:

  • my boss (the greatest WF manager EVER) is LEAVING : ( (he got a great promotion that will allow him to spend more time with his daughters…::sigh::….can’t argue with that)
  • I really love my co-workers and am starting to enjoy the benefits of working for a large company
  • Whiny, mean, rude people REALLY BUG ME….seriously….I’m going to resort to physical violence one of these days.
  • I’m learning really good boundaries from said whiny, rude, mean peoplel : )

On the school front:

  • I start Concord law school September 6!! I’m SO excited
  • I’m also going to try to squeeze in sign language….we’ll see how that works out.

On the cool quotes front:

  • From my current artist-idol, Lisa Vollrath:
    • I was trained to be an artist, by a whole string of teachers who put the emphasis on daily work, in the same way an athlete must put in daily work. I was taught that creative muscles must be exercised, long, hard and regularly.

      With practice, creating becomes instinctive, as natural an act as breathing—but to get to that point, first you must actually shed your fears and make things. Lots of them.

      So, what are you waiting for?
      ~Lisa Vollrath

On the random thoughts front:

  • pregnancy and birth are phenomenally beautiful…..I held a brand new, 3 day old little boy and teared up–he was such a miraculous creation.

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  1. Thanks, Mircat :) :) :). I can’t wait to see you next week. I promise a blog update of my own within the week :) Love you, friend–>

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