New Word for the Day: Invious
Definition: Untrodden. E.g., I hope the path my life takes is heretofore invious. : )

The last several days have been insane and heretofore in my life, quite invious. Where to begin? Let’s start with Vegas.

Yes indeed, I took my very first trip to Vegas just last weekend, and WHAT A TRIP IT WAS! It was made fabulous by the presence of my beloved hubby. He arranged the trip and our activities as an early celebration of our upcoming 1 year wedding anniversary(!!). He kept the details a secret ’til just before we left, then told me we’d be attending the world’s largest Star Trek convention at the Las Vegas Hilton. GOOD TIMES (if you’re an incurable nerd like myself). We saw Garret Wang He’s ADORABLE, btw–very cute, funny and nice to listen to. We also heard Kate Mulgrew speak, and I thought I’d hate her. I was SO WRONG! She is incredibly intelligent, poised, and very intriguing–plus, she talks like I do, dancing from one subject to the other, and rambling on about philosophical topics (though I think she’s a bit better well-read than I am).

Then, we went on the Star Trek Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton–it was THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS PER PERSON! (though they eased the pain of this a bit by allowing unlimited access to the ride for the whole day). AWESOME. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

After a day of Trek, we walked around the Desert Passage in the Aladdin, and I viewed some of the highest end shopping I’ve ever seen in my life. Unbelievable. I’m still reeling.

That night, as we strolled around NY, NY, we were approached by a guy offering us free tix to Cirque d’ Soleil. I jumped at the offer, forcing Anthony to tell me that he’d already GOTTEN US TIX to Mystere(!!!). I was THRILLED. So, the guy offered us a $100 gift card to the MGM Grand or NY NY if we’d go to a time share presentation. We went, got drafted into being half of the entertainment for the presentation, then tried out for a new reality game show called “The Newlyweds,” or something like that (hosted by Alex Thicke from Growing Pains). We also bought a $10,000 time share.

Then we decided it was a luxury product we had no business buying, and we rescinded the offer yesterday. But we learned a TON about time shares, and we’ll hopefully get one once we’re a bit more settled. It seemed like a great way to stay in nice places for the same price as the yucky places charge. : )

We drove home in HEAVY traffic on Sunday, and got HAILED on as the sun was shining–random and weird! I also got to meet 2 of A’s friends, now married, that he knew in High School. They have 2 ridiculously cute kids and lots of fun animals (including 2 saltwater tanks that have tons of coral and other interesting creatures), a huge laborador, and a pixie-bob cat (it’s 1/16th bobcat, I think, and he totally looks like a miniature wildcat).

Then, work was insane yesterday and today. Nonstop people, and lots of them with weird complaints or needs, or who were simply weird. We’re getting a new manager, and those who know her from working with her previously say that she’s AMAZING. Thank goodness. That’s a huge answer to prayer.

love you all and miss you much!


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