and now the pedestrian

It’s amazing how little tasks can be so challenging. I mean, people mention things like “Oh we put a protective coating on the garage floor” or “We cleared out the storage shed” all the time.


Yes, we just epoxied (is that a word?) our garage floor, which involved taking EVERYthing out, and then washing the floor with muriatic acid and a pressure washer. We’ve allowed the floor to cure for 3 days now, so we’re ready to plunk everything back in….AFTER washing it all down and thorougly re-organizing and labeling. Yep, and all this activity and frenziedwork is contained in the sentence, “We epoxied the garage floor this weekend”. ::shakes head::

Law school starts this next week, after Labor Day. I’m scared, but really excited. There are so few people in my class….I’m a bit worried: not that I can’t do the work, but is this the right place for me to be? Will I learn enough? Will I be challenged enough? I want to be around smart people who will force me out of my comfort zone, and whose thoughts and ideas help lift me out of my own limitations.

It’s hard to see how that can happen through an online medium. But then I remind myself: this is so perfect for all of our plans, etc. I’m able to do SO MUCH MORE with this type of an education than a traditional one. And hey, life’s never been traditional for me anyway. Not a single bit of my education has ever been “normal” (Thanks be to God!), so why should I expect anything to be different now? : )

Do pray for wisdom and diligence. This won’t be easy, and it’s certainly not cheap. : )

Much love.


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