Just can’t help but think about the palpable energy that’s simply….yanked out of the universe when a loved one dies. Is that energy created by us, by our love for that person, in conjunction with their immortal soul? So, is there less energy yanked out for a less loved person? Or do we simply miss a loved one more than we miss, say a Hitler or a Jeffrey Dahmer? Yet, when a horrible person dies, don’t we feel a sense of relief? Their negative, scary presence is gone too.

Hurricane Katrina really brings home this point–so many people’s essences have simply been yanked out of this plane of our universe. I think of the gaping holes left in my life by loved ones who have died, and I realize: there’s death all around us, all day and every day. RIGHT NOW, there’s a large scale genocide occurring in Darfur, (yes, we CAN do something about genocide) not to mention “smaller scale” wars, terrorist activity, and murders. NO WONDER our planet is in such disarray: the very air we breathe is tainted with death. Right now, we in America are more aware than usual of the death that surrounds us daily, but whether we’re thinking about it or not, it still affects us.

This just reminds me that we MUST bring the hope and life of Love Incarnate, God, to everyone we come in contact with–it’s not just a nice idea: it’s the only way to survive with any semblance of sanity in this life. There’s a huge vacuum all the time just waiting to be filled with something: misery, anger, hate, sorrow….or love….or courage….or beauty….or peace. And we have a chance to be a part of that influence every single day.

I’m so fortunate to have a job where I deal with people all day–I MUST remind myself of this, even when I want to just smack a frustrating person. :) God, give me the strength to be the sort of influence you would have me be….much love to all!


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