Well, after a loooong flight, we’re finally in Manila. It’s amazing. First impressions: sticky, dirty, AMAZINGLY interesting, crowded, and full of bizarre contrasts: for instance, we drove past a shantytown next to skyscrapers, next to a beautiful park surrounding the palace thena trash-fille river, all in quick succession.

We were met at the airport by Tito Bill–good times!!! He drove us to his place for b-fast where we got to see A’s paternal grandma. Then we headed to Tita Noemi’s (we’ll be staying at her place for the duration of our Manila visit). She welcomed us then told us to rest while she finished up some work at the office. we took a short nap, freshened up, then decided to go to the Botanical Gardens….but were told by T. Noemi that it was too hot for that. So we headed to Ayalla Museum instead….only to discover that it was closed b/c today is Monday. So……oh gee darn…..we HAD to go to the mall nearby. It’s huge, and all the stuff is fairly well price. The food is absurdly cheap and yummy, an the mall is air conditioned. We’ll meet T. Noemi for dinner in about an hour. that’s all for now….!


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