still in Manila

Wow–yesterday was incredible. We started out the day refreshed, after a great night’s sleep (having danced ’til midnight the previous night). I got my scrapbook done for the previous day, then we went out to lunch with Tita Noemi at a little restaurant that serves fusion cuisine, and whose owner has chosen to decorate in EGYPYIAN style. Every chair in the restaurant has a unique, handpainted scene from ancient Egypt on it, and the walls are all murals of the same genre. The door to the ladies’ room (or “comfort room” as it’s known here), had a huge painting of a royal Egyptian princess with jewels (3d) glued to her jewelry.

It rained as we were driving to the restaurant, and the streets flooded almost instantly, then stopped flooding and went back to normal just a few minutes after the rain stopped.

Then, we went to “MEGA MALL”. It’s basically the craziest mall I’ve ever been to. It’s SIX stories high, and city blocks long. And it has EVERYthing in it. I went to 4 fabric stores, a bead store, plus too many clothing stores to count. We found Anthony some awesome (and VERY affordable dress pants and shirts, and then had the pants custom-hemmed for 25 pesos…yeah, that’s FIFTY cents.).

I found some amazing things there for lots of people on my gift list. : )

After the mall, we went home, freshened up, then had dinner with A’s cousin Trish–she’s 19, and an AWESOME, interesting person. We ate dinner at her grandma’s house at a ONE PIECE, 20 PERSON TABLE….truly awe-inspiring. Then, we watched _Lord of War_…good but jaded movie. Then, we went to the Embassy club and saw the MTV semi-finalists for “SupahStar” announced. We danced a little, then since it was about 1 AM, and A and I are “old married” folks, we got tired and went home.

Much love!!



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2 responses to “still in Manila

  1. I’m so proud of you, my world travelling, world shopping friend :). You had to drag A. halfway around the world, but you finally got him to enjoy going to a mall with you ;). I miss my sparkle-loving Mircat!

  2. Glad to hear you’re having fun! :)

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