the adventure continues…

at home!!

It’s wonderful to be back. We got in on Saturday night, running 45 minutes late as our plane was delayed at takeoff (mostly because of the extremely thorough, “Red-alert” searches the airport was conducting on everyone). We waited forEVER for our luggage to get in LAX, but really what can one expect when the luggage of 500 people is being unloaded? : )

A’s Dad picked us up, and we stopped at the Y parent’s home for a bite of supper and a b-day celebration

Mom Y. got me an amazing cheesecake assortment from the Cheesecake Factory, and even though I’m not normally a cheescake person, the chocolate mousse blended one with the chocolate cookie-crumb crust got me!! Mmmm.

We debriefed a bit with the parents and relatives who were home, then we got into our own truck with a very happy Magical Puppy, and headed home. Being jet-lagged, we were completely energized at midnight, and we completely unpacked and sorted all of the gifts and souvenirs we acquired on our trip. We also started doing laundry (always fun …bleah!), and “restarting” the house (i.e., turning the gas back on, relighting furnaces, turning h2o back on, etc). I stayed up ’til 8 AM putting all our pictures from the trip onto, along with captions and titles. VERY fun!! (btw, if you’re a friend and you’re reading this AND you want access to my pics, email me and I’ll send you an invite. For privacy reasons, they’re not accessible to the public).

We had a bit of a scare when we thought our water pipes had burst…AGAIN, but it was a false alarm, THANKS BE TO GOD!!

I thought I’d go to bed “early” last night at 2 AM to try to restart by body’s clock….but I ended up sleeping ’til 2 PM!! ARHG!

I’ve tried to make up for it by having a very productive day today–cooking food for the week, researching nutrition (found an amazing website here. It’s an 80 page report on nutrition done by the USDA committee. It’s SO helpful, especially the appendices that detail exactly what foods are good sources of certain nutrients like iron, Vitamine B12, protein, and fiber.), and psychologically prepping for a productive work-week. My mom reminded me that Friday is Veteran’s Day and (again, thanks be to God) a BANK HOLIDAY!!! Sooooo, I don’t have a huge, 5 day stretch this week–I have a nice 3 day stretch, a one-day break, and then 1 more work day.

My dear friend brightened my week with one of the most beautiful and thoughtful presents anyone has given me. Absolutely breathtaking!! : ) Thanks, J-bird!

I must try to wind down as I have to have a normal person’s schedule tomorrow, so farewell for now. Much love, Mircat


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  1. :) I’m still blushing :). You’re amazing, Mircat, and I wish you all the best this next year.–>

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