Had a 2.5 hour meeting this AM–and loved it….God knows just what I need sometimes. : ) My financial consultant did an awesome sales presentation with some very helpful tips, etc. But his most memorable tidbits were the 3 very nice comments he specifically made about my work….and he made all of those comments in front of my sales manager. These comments struck me particularly b.c I have such an excessive amt of career oriented angst right now–I’m hating retail, hating that only 30% of my job (at the most) involves making positive changes in people’s lives. ::sigh:: Then, my FC comes along and mentions that even though he “knows I want to join the Peace Corp” (it’s a joke between us that I want to do something more altruistic and his main goal in life is to make TONS of $$…nothing wrong with; it’s just a funny difference between the two of us), he thinks I make a really good relationship manager b/c “her customers love her”. He also mentioned that I’m at the point where he completely trusts me to serve customers on my own and just bring him in on deals I think he should be in on, or deals that exceed my (admittedly puny) $100K limit. That means, conversely, that I even though I’m technically only supposed to do deals that are 25K or less, I could actually do anything under 100K on my own….SWEET (and scary)! Then….during a discussion about good profiling/customer interaction techniques, he used me as an example twice: 1st, he said that I smile sincerely and ALL the time, and 2nd that I do a really good job of listening and finding common points of interest with which to connect with the customer. The funny thing is, I had recently been agonizing over feeling like that was one of my worst points and wishing I could be more like him in that area. Just funny how God throws in little bits of encouragment when I’m feeling down. I figured I’d write these things down so I can glance back at them when I’m feeling blue. :)

Missing Torrey immensely right now…even more than usual.


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