MAJOR HURDLE ummm, well, HURDLED!!! : )

I wrote my first law school essay today (it was on Torts), after being absolutely petrified by the thought for 2 days. (yeah–who would have ever thought *I* would be scared of a writing assignment??)

It was rather exhilarating–though I know that anyone else (Especially anyone who has to read such a monster) would find the whole thing quite mind-numbing. Just submitted it right now. BIG load off–really frees me up to do other things.

Had a weird day at work–one of my bosses made me SOOO MAD that I snapped at her and flat out refused to do something. She’s still mad. I figured out a more diplomatic way that I could have handled the situation…but I’m still proud that I defended my boundaries…that’s a big thing for me! :) Still, it was a great sales day with lots of fun people to interact with, and 2 people commented that I have really “small, cute feet”. That’s SO RANDOM…but hey, at least 1 part of me is small! :-P PLUS…I get to wear JEANS to work tomorrow–oh happy, glorious day!

Much love, dear friends…sorry for the pedestrian posts lately! Hopefully pedestrian is better than totally absent? :-/ ?



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2 responses to “YEAY ME!

  1. Yup, definitely better than absent. :)

  2. I second that :). Miss you, Mirfriend, and I’d LOVE to read your paper sometime…of course, I only accept in-person delivery ;).

    I’m so proud of you…could you send me a bit of that backbone???

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