What a wonderful Christmas this has been–the best married Christmas, thus far, and a wonderful time to connect with friends.

We made 50 candy apples this year and packaged them all (indivdually) in 45 minutes flat! They were coated in homemade-from-scratch caramel and tons of toppings–chocolate, m & m’s, reese’s peanut butter chips, snicker’s bar pieces, white chocolate, rice krispy bits, nuts, etc….yum!

We got to hang out with our dear friends Tim & Rachel on Christmas afternoon. We also received some AWESOME Tazo tea and bulbs to grow our own narcissus plants from them…what thoughtful gifts!

Had a fun time at the family party–the gift exchange was hilarious–we had to do impressions of the person to whom we were giving a gift. good times! AND….the best part of this season, imho, was spending Christmas Eve with my two brothers in law, my cousin, my brother in law’s girlfriend, and my DH. We all went to the 9:50 showing of Narnia–what a fabulous way to start in on Christmas. :)

Found out my old college roomie is PREGNANT! Congrats, bacchant friend o’ mine! :)

Life is its usual “awful, beautiful” self….much love to all…and may we all shine the love of He who gave His only son so that we could be in eternal community with Him to all we meet.


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