created beauty

I overheard an interesting conversation between a man and woman a few days ago. They were talking abt the concepts of attraction and what makes a member of the opposite sex alluring. The guy said that a “good body” was far more attractive to him than a beautiful face. WHY??? The female asked, slightly outraged…the answer has stayed with me this whole week.

“Because,” he explained, “A beautiful body must be created, and it takes a lot of work to maintain. I know that that person has taken the time to take care of herself and keep herself up, and that’s far more attractive than having a pretty face b/c having a pretty face takes no actual effort”.

Intriguing…goes along with the other realization I had a couple of weeks ago–when I believe in my own worth as an immortal soul loved by God, and I feel (and therefore exude) the joy, love, and confidence that comes along with such a freeing realization, people notice and respond in kind.
(Funny example: I was feeling unusually happy, confident and outgoing one night as I drove home. I was singing and dancing in my car, on a natural high from feeling so joyful. A guy on a motorcycle pulled up near my car and I glanced over (like I always do) to see exactly where he was. We locked eyes (weird). and he waved….I waved back and smiled. he continued to wave…and I realized he wasn’t waving, he was beckoning. After motioning me to follow him, he headed toward an exit on the freeway….fun times! Of course, I kept driving….but seriously, this stuff almost always happens not when I’m all dressed up or looking particularly cute. It happens when I’m feeling happy and confident.)

People seem to be attracted to love in any form–it’s so wonderful to interact with a person who has been freed by love to be herself/himself…and to therefore STOP OBSESSING ABOUT her/himself!

It’s also a place that invites criticism…people often seem to want to test and poke and prod good or strong things/people, etc. to see if they’re real. This can be pretty brutal or mean…b/c the place from which people question such things is one of disbelief, skepticism, anger, or jealousy….mostly because they themselves are hurting.

I hope to be in a strong, loving, and un-self-obsessed place more often than not this year, this month, this week…today.


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