go visit these websites!!

If you’re bored, here are some fun sites to peruse:

  • One of the most creative sites I’ve ever been on-beautifully organized, inspiring on all levels…a complete gem. I love you, Lisa Vollrath! :)
  • Yummy, amazingly well-priced, HAND MADE body care products. Her scents are to die for, and her mailing list offers are a complete steal…she won’t spam you, and you get incredible free stuff, huge discounts (especially on candles!), and special offers that don’t appear anywhere else. Yeay for Starfire! :) (no affiliation…she’s just turned me into a raving fan)

Oh yeah! Visited the martial arts studio today, where I’ll be starting Martial Arts on 4/24/2006….very exciting. Glad I signed up for it when my hubby did and BEFORE I saw what it’ll be like. I’m now terrified but excited….it’ll be good to get in some conditioning exercises (though pushups done on my knuckles on stacks of bricks are really NOT my preference), and again, always good to be yanked out of the ol’ comfort zone.

OOO. Went to a US AID presentation today at Loma Linda. It was about what the US is doing in Afghanistan…I almost started having an anxiety attack during the talk. It was very disturbing to hear about a 1600 per 100,000 maternal death rate (highest in the WORLD)…for a comparison, the US maternal death rate is 6 per 100,000. And Afghanistan’s may be much much higher–it’s rough to get accurate statistics in such a torn up, disorganized situation.

US AID ROCKS! I want to work for them when I grow up! :)


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