long time coming

One thing i detest is that when my life gets really interesting, instead of running to my computer to share the events with my blog buddies, I instead QUIT BLOGGING. This makes NO sense to me.

Anywho, many exciting things have happened. Some I can share here, and others I cannot.

Loads of friends are having babies–this is incredibly fun to watch and learn from. Having two pregnant women at my last job made me realize that being pregnant does not mean you sit at home alone, isolated, and in pain (I don’t know WHY I thought this…not sure I realized I thought this ’til I found myself surprised at how active my pregnant co-workers are). I also realized that you don’t have to gain inordinate amounts of weight when you’re pregnant….VERY reassuring for someone has obsessed with body image, etc., as I am. In fact, all people my age who are having babies are quite fit, and seem to have bounced back from pregnancy very well.

Went to the snow with my hubby and our dog on Saturday–SO FUN…it was absolutely glorious…. We started hiking in this low, dark part of the mountain–and it was FREEZING COLD with an icky, icy wind. So, we went back to car and just went a few miles up, and lo and behold! the sun was out, the snow was sparkling (more like blinding!), and there was no freezing wind. We experienced an interesting phenomenon–since we were hiking in the sun, the snow was melting in a continuous stream off the trees, so anytime we were under the trees that lined the trail, it was like hiking in the rain…something we never anticipated. Our dog didn’t mind, and she looked adorable in the snow, her fur all puffed up and her ears perky and excited.

Must get back to studying now…much love!



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5 responses to “long time coming

  1. Oh dear. All that time hanging out with me and my belly-full of wuggies must have given you a perfectly dreadful view of pregnancy. One by one, it’s lots of fun… two by two’s too much to do! ;)

  2. lol…no worries…I don’t think it was hanging out with you that gave me this idea…I think it stems from my mom being pretty tired and not able to do very much when she was pregnant w/ my sister. :) Actually, it’s seeing your family that has made A and I talk more abt having kids than we ordinarily would have! That and seeing September, the FORM OF BABY :)

  3. I know what you mean. I was surprised to discover that being pregnant is nothing at all like being sick. Even when I’ve felt awful (that does happen, though not as often as you might expect), it’s completely different (and MUCH more bearable) from the feeling awful that comes with, say, the flu.

  4. You might also be surprised what pregnancy can do to boost one’s body image. I’m sure it’s very different for everyone, but it’s been great for me! I have more respect for my body now that I’ve seen how beautifully well designed it is. It knows its job and does it so well! It’s really neat to live in a body that can do such amazing things.

    Just one example: sure, I have stretch marks, but I’m proud of them (mostly). They look a little weird, but WOW! Who knew my skin was designed to stretch that far?! COOL! Weird example, maybe, but I hope you kind of get the idea. :)

  5. Hmmm….that’s good to know, Rachel…I have so many issues with food/body stuff, yet whenever I think “I’m scared of what pregnancy will do to my body”, there’s an INSTANT counter to it: THIS IS WHAT YOUR BODY WAS DESIGNED TO DO. Pregnancy is stunningly beautiful up close…still scary, but really beautiful. Plus, the wunderhubby is learning all sorts of neat facts abt. pregnancy, etc., in school….someday soon ;)–>

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