good things

life is full of ’em…even in the midst of all sorts of stress.

A few examples:

  • getting to spend a week in San Francisco, meeting lots of awesome new people & making some great (hopefully lifelong) contacts
  • eating the singlemost delicious dessert I’ve ever tasted (and I’ve tried MANY!)…”sopa de chocolate”–a chilled chocolate soup surrounding a tiny chocolate brioche pudding topped w/ a mini scoop of housemade vanilla ice cream. complements of b44, a Spanish restaurant at 44 Beldon Street in downtown SF.
  • learning a LOT about my view of business, professionalism, and myself
  • having several upcoming opportunities to build courage
  • reconnecting with a lovely friend from college
  • getting to attend a 5 AM Easter vigil service wherein I and the wunderhusband watched the “Pascal fire” relit (having been ceremonially extinguished on Good Friday)
  • having a wonderful conversation with one of my favorite artists (thanks, Joi!!)
  • waiting for the arrival of a new person, Lucy Motte

All of these lovely blessings in the midst of stress of midterms, a sick hubby, and large quantities of change (and not the spendable kind!)….God is good.


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