Studying for Law School Midterms…is SO NOT FUN!

But websurfing is… :)

I’m looking for a way to get fit without spending $50/session on a personal trainer. Now, I totally think that personal trainers are worth that type of money, and I think that my health is worth that type of money too….but this isn’t a “cost is an issue in the absence of value” situation. It’s a “cost is an issue in the absence of sufficient currency” issue. Bleah. Anyway, I found in an interesting site, and they have program locations near my house. I’m thinking it may be a good deal…I’d do the “3 sessions/week” program for $200, I think…though I’d much rather do 5/week. It boils down to about $17/hour of instruction, which is pretty good. AND, most importantly, it fits in with my work schedule.

BUT, the most agonizing thing is, I have a free and wonderful membership to a health center at my hubby’s work…I just don’t know how to take advantage of all the awesome equipment that’s there. If anyone knows someone who’s studying to be a Personal Trainer or has another reason for wanting to train someone cheaply :) let me know! I’d much rather go that route so that I creative a self-sustaining level of independence re: my health.


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