is having my eyebrows done by the most amazing eyebrow artist I’ve ever met. It never fails. I go in, just asking for a quick re-shaping, and EVERY time she hands me that mirror to see what she’s done in those magical 3-5 minutes, the amazing work I see reflected *literally* takes my breath away.

Happiness is *not* having one’s underarms waxed. Rather, having one’s underarms waxed is TORMENT–one of the more painful experiences I’ve had–nearly as bad as the bikini portion of a brazilian wax (though, I know it wasn’t on the same level since I wasn’t shaking in pain).

I miss my best friend :(…and I think that life is absurdly complicated. The many complicated, strange processes I perform daily are mind-boggling–driving, avoiding collisions with other cars, shopping, checking email, navigating my workplace, socially and technically, taking care of all the little “necessities” like the 3 kinds of insurance necessary for my existence, apparently, paying multiple bills every month, fulfilling social obligations, cultivating relationships….

Obviously, I’m in need of some re-centering. God, please help me to remember that bringing glory to You is what you’ve placed me on this planet and in this community to do. Period. Please show me how best to accomplish this mission every day, all day. I love you.


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