this weekend….

holds so much delight! I get to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific with friends, family and (hopefully) hubby. Then, I get to see a dear friend who I haven’t spent significant time with for about FOUR YEARS…maybe even FIVE….and I get to see said friend at DISNEYLAND, where I haven’t been for 2 years. In between, hopefully I will squeeze in some visits to a few more dear folk.

I’ve also had several wonderful conversations with good friends recently…thanks J-bird and Andy!

Plus, my wunderhubby bought me a lovely CD by Mercy Me, one of the few Christian artists that I can handle in large doses, and I’ve been enjoying it during my commutes.

Other reasons life is great: I AM NOT ANEMIC ANYMORE!! HURRAY!! My hemoglobin levels *had* been around 8 (normal is 12-15) and now I’m at 14.8…..YEAY ME!!! And it only took eight months of daily doses of a multi-vitamin, an iron pill, and a radical restructuring of my diet to get my levels back on par! ;)


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