AKA, my adventures at the LA County Fair, 2006

First of all, the Fair = GOOD TIMES. This IS the biggest fair in the nation (from what I’m told), and we’re pretty lucky to live 30 miles from where it takes place in all its deep fried glory. :) And Mega Fair with Kevin and Sony? even BETTER times. :)

Secondly, Funnel Cakes are still heavenly.

Thirdly, just because something FITS in a deep fryer does NOT mean it should be put in one. For instance, deep fried corn on the cob? EWWWW–it should be titled corn-soaked -in -hot -oil- then- coated- in- butter- on- the- cob. Thoroughly waste-bin worthy.

Also in the same category: deep fried avocados. They taste like something akin to rotten fruit wrapped in old french fries and then cooked in rancid oil. Yeah. Yummy.
But Churros? Mmmm….still delightful.

We also invented a new synonym for doors:


ie., “don’t forget to shut the closers on the helicopter so we don’t fall out”. I’ll chalk up that little gem to late-night delirium induced by deep fried avocado.

We went on $1 night–rowdy and far too big a crowd. We hope to go back on a $5 night (Wed or Thurs after 5 PM), or on a “Day for Heroes” when it’s only a buck for EMS, Police, and Military to get in (Yeay for my resident hero!!)


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