three to the third power

that’ll be me next week :) I figure that my 27th year here will be pretty amazing. First off, 27 is an awesome number…you can’t get to much luckier than 3 three’s…and then the number 7 is in there too??? :)

More news: Got accepted into the MA in English program I applied for. Classes start March 27th of 2007. Not a prestigious school, but affordable, decent, and the exact curriculum I want. Thank you, God!!
Wunderhub and I SAW EVANESCENCE IN CONCERT AT THE WILTERN THEATRE…very yummy. Went with a coworker and his date. Amy Lee was adorable–dressed in bondage boots, a black leotard and a huge, fluffy bright pink petticoat/skirt/tutu. She sounds amazing live and riffs on the songs a bit more than on the CD. The band only played for and hour and ten minutes, though–REALLY short. Is this a new trend? Charge less (we paid only $25/ticket) and play less?

After that we drove to Hollywood & Vine and went to the Avalon (a nightclub). Everyone was dressed in Hallowe’en costumes and the music and overall vibe were both incredible. We danced for 2 or 3 hours straight–even got some swing dancing in when there was enough room on the dance floor–then drove home.

That was my second club experience in my entire life–and I was shocked at how expensive everything was: $20/person to enter. $5/person to check our coats. $12.50/drink!! Yeah, I’m glad we don’t drink alcohol…we didn’t buy anything to drink, choosing instead to guzzle our stockpiled bottled water when we got back to our car.

The dance floor was so crowded that everyone was either touching or 2 inches away from each other–there was something about the energy and total lack of inhibition/total  prevalence of exhibitionism that was totally liberating. I wish I could better describe it, but it was so fun to dance to sexy music with the love of my life just by moving to the music however I felt like moving. In a way, it was like being a kid again–playing and moving and dancing to music without caring how I looked–combined with the fun of being an adult–getting to dance as sexily as possible. Yeah, that’s really not a great way to describe it…but that’ll have to do for now. :)

Other thoughts: I get to see my BEST FRIEND in less than a week..GOOD TIMES.

Oh! and this guy has a phenomenal blog. One of the best blogs out there, IMHO

Have a blessed week!



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2 responses to “three to the third power

  1. Marcy

    Ooh, I want to see Evanescence in concert. That’d be cool.

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