dessert in the desert :)

WOW, what an awesome birthday…My dear friend Juliet invited me to celebrate my 27th (!!!) birthday with her in AZ, so I headed out there on 11/03. Upon arriving, she whisked me to her favorite coffee shop: Romancing the Bean (located in the corporate HQ of the company I work at, oddly enough). We feasted on a French Toast Muffin and chai lattes & iced tea. We had to stop by her place of employment so she could finish up a few things, so I got to meet her (hilarious) co-workers and see her office. There were some definite “Juliet” touches–Penguin screen savers on all computers, stars bordering monitors, and signs labeling her favorite desk as “Pixie Space”.

After that, we met up with her hubby, Charles, and ate at the yummiest and most diverse salad bar I’ve ever seen…and I mean EVER seen. I tasted pickled watermelon rind, corn relish, and several other odd but delicious salads & sides. The restaurant itself is called the “Landmark“and is in a building that’s nearly 100 years old. Then, J and I shared the Landmark Pie–a delicious concoction of house-made fudge, vanilla ice cream, Oreo crust, and house-made whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. We rationalized ordering it by saying that we’d “only have a few bites”. That went out the window when we realized that between the two of us, all we’d left was just a small, desiccated pie-skeleton of ice cream. :-P

Saturday was my actual b-day and we had a relaxed and whirlwind day (it’s possible to have both concurrently…really!). We went on a tour of a Victorian house in downtown Phoenix (VERY fun), then had lunch at a DELICIOUS cafe called The Picnic Company. I had Dolfino cheese for the first time on a turkey sandwich that included raspberry jam as a condiment. We were lucky enough to have lunch with J’s mom and her new puppy (aka, cutest creature on the face of the earth). Then we dashed over to a museum to view a beautiful, modern-day, visual rendition of Dante’s Divine Comedy. We agreed that the artist totally “got” Hell, but went astray in Purgatory (lapsing into stereotypes rather than novel interpretation) and completely missed the mark for Paradise (portraying it in a rather gloomy, limited fashion as a clean, unified version of America).

Then, we dashed off to an AMAZING Spa and got manicures…I was so relaxed after the manicure that I fell asleep in the (gorgeous) lobby while J was getting her nails done.

Then, we ate an amazing dinner at Thaiphoon–an asian fusion restaurant…yeay for “wicked jungle princess red curry” :).

Finally, we saw a improv comedy troupe called the Jesterz…kind of like “Who’s Line Is It Anyway”.They were HILARIOUS! What an awesome way to end my birthday…laughing my head off with my best friend and partner in pixie-mayhem/glitter-gluttony. thanks a million, J-bird!!


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  1. Seems like everyone finds it pretty easy to ‘get’ hell, but it always goes downhill from there. Unless you’re Gustave Dore’!!!

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