BTW, in other news, the wonderhub is FINISHED WITH HIS MASTER’s DEGREE! WOW. It’s been a long 2 years of incredibly hard work and committment on his part.

Now the fun begins: where will we go for me to get my MA in English and for him to enter a loan repayment program? Current choices have been narrowed down to about 4 viable plans, with 2 coming in as the top picks, also known as “plan A” and “plan B”.

Plan A: find a beautiful, rural area near the ocean and mountains with a decent school for me, and a school loan repayment program for the wonderhub (his school loans are more than our mortgage, and the minimum payment is 300% higher. not very fun). Thus far, Humboldt County is the top pick. HSU has a nice program, it’s an artsy, fun area, and I get to spend a full 2 years on my MA (b/c the WH has to work a min. of 2 years at an approved facility in exchange for school loan repayment). The only bad part is that it’s a 12 hr drive or $300 plane ticket away from both of our families and all of our close friends.

Plan B: I finish my MA at a very local school in about 15 months (jamming thru the program as quickly as possible) and we relocate to a more desirable area (with a loan repayment program) after that.

who knows what will actually happen. God has a way of taking my plans and turning them upside down or tossing them out altogether for something that’s much better or just very different. :)


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