’tis the season

WE HAVE OUR CHRISTMAS DECOR UP!!! :) Our lil Charlie Brown Christmas tree is up and decorated w/ our blue & white lights, odd assorted ephemera, and “real” ornaments. (Yep, I said ephemera–when we first got married we didn’t have enough ornaments for the tree, couldn’t afford to buy pretty ornaments, and didn’t want to load up on cheap ornaments just for the sake of having ornaments. Soooo, we ransacked the house and found little trinkets that were meaningful to us: special key chains from trips we’d taken, favors from wedding showers and baby showers, old medals from the wunderhubby’s elementary school athletic meets, etc.). Thanks to my mom’s generousity, our collection of beautiful, more traditional ornaments has grown, though there’s plenty of empty space on our tree still.

This week, we got 2 new ornaments: one is simply the word “hope” outlined in silver, and the other is a silver eighth note (very happy). We also have fake snow made of white fluffy batting and silver glitter on every surface possible, and red candles set atop tiny mirrors in various corners of the house.

Wanna see for yourself? let me know, and we’ll schedule a visit! :) I promise gourmet hot chocolate, a grand tour, and lots of fun. :)



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2 responses to “’tis the season

  1. hmmm…how does December 10th work for you???? ;). Love you. sparkle friend and partner in glitter crime.

  2. hmmm, let me check my calendar. I DO have a prior booking, but if you’re willing to hang out with a couple of pixies I can squeeze you in ;)

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