Sung to the Tune of “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead”

 “Ding Dong the Skunk is Gone 

…the wicked skunk, the stinky skunk….”  :) 

Thanks to our very good friend, Mr. W., we are the proud borrowers of a top-notch, non-lethal skunk trap. We baited and set the trap 2 nights ago, and about 4 hours later (when we’d given up hope that the skunk would be lured in), we awoke to a HORRIBLE STENCH in our room.

The wunderhubby had thoughtfully set up the trap outside our bedroom window so we could keep an eye on our progress. When he checked, the skunk was indeed caught and had gotten scared and tried to spray the trap into oblivion. Yeah, the window might as well have been open, for all the help it was in blocking the scent.  

So, Wunderhubby took the skunk to work with him (the one time we appreciate him working 1 hr away from our home!) and set him free in the hills surrounding the area. The skunk wasn’t even scared of him—when he opened the trap, the skunk slowly ambled out, glanced around, glanced at the wunderhubby, then slowly waddled away.  

After 3 days and 4 products from the deodorizing section of the SuperWalmart, our house smells NICE again!!!! NO skunk smell, not even a tiny bit lingering. The magic combination? A spray product called “Odorcide” (which claims to be non-toxic and 100% effective), 6 (yes, six) “Super Odor Eaters” from Renuzit scattered throughout the house, lots of ventilation, and 2 air purifiers going at full blast. (I don’t really know that the air purifiers helped with the smell b/c they’ve been on 24/7 throughout this whole ordeal and haven’t seemed to make a lick of difference).  

Magic is also skunk-smell free (she got sprayed 4 nights ago, and we were up til 1 AM de-skunking her. And FYI, the internet remedy of 1 quart Hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of Baking Soda, and 2 Tbs of Palmolive works like, well, magic. It instantly eliminated all of the odor from her triple-thick coat. And no, it didn’t bleach any of her fur. She’s just very shiny) : ) 

Thanks be to God for some relief on this front, especially since my extremely olfactorily (can that be an adverb?) sensitive best-buddy is coming to stay for a couple of days!


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  1. Yay! So glad you got it taken care of!

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