Warning: superficial rant ahead.

So, the wunderhub and I went to my company Christmas, er, Holiday Party. I’d never been to a big corporate party, so I was really excited. Got my hair done (and Danielle at the Technicolor salon did a phenomenal, artsy style that I adore), put on my one and only black cocktail dress, got the WH into a suit…and we went. It was at a big, famous hotel, and as we walked into the room (there were 900 attendees) there was a huge ice sculpture of our company’s logo.

The food sounded yummy on the menu but in reality was bland and overly salty. The music was mediocre. There was so much noise that it was hard to talk to people. THEN, someone took the WH’s phone and we couldn’t find it (this means we’ll have to shell out for a new one. ouch. and we just spent $750 on his dental work). THEN, we get out to the car and someone sheared off my passenger’s side mirror, and it was hanging by a single cable. Very sad…my poor car. So, it was not a very nice night for us. And in my limited experience, corporate parties do NOT seem to be very fun. From now on, I’m probably skipping them.

On the happy side of the day, last night I DREAMED I WAS A HOT SUPERMODEL. It was such a cool feeling! :) I did all these cool, crazy shoots, including one where I and 3 other supermodels were riding skateboards and stunt bikes and doing all kinds of daring stunts on a cement slope. Good times!



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4 responses to “BOOOO!!!

  1. Mircat, don’t you remember? Your dream was simply a repeat of what You, Tony and I did when I was in town ;). The photos from that shoot, by the way, came out wonderfully :D. Sorry about Ginger :(. What a hideous night.

  2. Yeah, and to add insult to injury, we get home (in the rain), fall into bed….only to be awakened by another one of our favorite, odoriferous creatures. Any guesses as to where it had taken up residence? :( At least today is bright and pretty….and we have windows that are pretty good at airing out the house.

  3. Company parties are NEVER what they’re cracked up to be. I was excited to find that I would still be at work for the party this year…and the entertainment for the evening included a 20-minute PowerPoint slideshow presentation of FORTY YEARS of company parties. It was like looking at a stranger’s vacation photos…of somewhere you never want to go. Why was I excited again?!

  4. Wow–that was even worse than our montage…in fact, that’s so bad it almost sounds like something you’d see in an _Office Space_ type comedy! Our PP slideshow was depressing–a bunch of semi-unhappy looking people forcing smiles and all wearing the same degrading nametags and monkeysuits. But at least it was just 2006 and not FORTY YEARS’ worth! :)

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