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OK, I’m usual not one to be a raving fan about my cellular service, but I had an AMAZING experience tonight.

After the wunderhub’s cell phone got STOLEN AND NEVER RETURNED at the icky company party (see below), we realized that we had to buy him a new one. We’d gotten both of our phones for free when we bound our souls and financial service to cingular for the next 2 years, and hadn’t purchased insurance.

Yeah…that was a few months ago, and we’re not “eligible for an equipment upgrade” for another TWENTY ONE MONTHS.

No problem, said I.

We’ll just use my 50% company discount to purchase a phone.

After much sticker shock, we found a phone that was only $129 retail online, and decided that $65 wasn’t too unmanageable. The only catch was that we had to buy it at a corporate store (according to the customer service rep).

Upon arriving at said store, we were informed that we were “not eligible to use my 50% company discount” for–you guessed it– another TWENTY ONE MONTHS.


Extremely peeved, and in my best snippy/whiny tone, I asked the poor guy at the counter what our options were. He very nicely said that we could simply circumvent his company’s lame and coercive policies by going to any store that sold “Go Phones” from Cingular. We would buy said phone, then bring it back to him and have him activate it to our existing plan.

“Yeah, well how much does the activation cost?” I inquired, still skeptical.

“No charge,” said he.

After picking our jaws up off the glass counter, we headed down the block to Radio Shack, purchased a basic phone for $20 (yeah, TWENTY DOLLARS), then had it activated and functioning on our existing plan within 3 minutes. No further cost. WOW.

Needless to say, I apologized profusely for my prior snippiness, and thanked our angel/service associate.

Thanks be to God for looking out for us and sending us such a kind person–he made absolutely zero $$ from that transaction, and had no obligation to tell us of such an option. Yeay for cingular for hiring such nice people.


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