Aspirations for 2007

To avoid the corporate cliche and vicious cycle known as “overpromise and underperform” (which optimists like m’self are prone to), I decided to keep the 2007 goals modest.

  • General goal: incorporate more creativity into my life
    • How to make it happen
      • in the form of embroidery projects and learning to juggle.
      •  I am 2/3 of the way into learning to juggle, and my mom very generously bought me Jenny Hart’s Sublime Stitching book with a MOUNTAIN of included patterns and fun ideas. SWEET!!
  • General: Focus consistently on health and physical well-being
    • How to make it happen
      • I made a meal plan to get through “Phase 1” of a low-processed-carb/low sugar/ weight loss jump-start plan. It’s extraordinarily detailed and took me a few hours to put together.
        • Then, I shopped for and prepared all the ingredients I’d need (for instance, I sauteed onions, mushrooms, and peppers for my morning Egg Beaters omelettes on Sunday night so that I could simply dump them in and save myself about 10 minutes every morning).
        • It was interesting to see that having done these hours of prep work, I find myself mentally ready to make significant changes in my eating habits. I’ve basically planned to the point of eliminating all obstacles, so there’s no way that I can sabotage myself except by losing my drive…and to come full circle, having put so much time and effort into this endeavour, I don’t WANT to not stick to it! Pretty cool! BUT BOY DO I MISS CHOCOLATE!! :) Just 2 more weeks…. :)
  •  Embrace change: after all, “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all,” as Helen Keller once said. There are lots of changes — BIG changes — slated for 2007, and even though I thought I liked change, I’m finding myself resistant to a lot of it. It always seems that as an adult, change comes with a certain horrifying amount of uncertainty. It’s not like going to college or even choosing my first career…those were fun b/c I always knew that things would work out. Now I have a better understanding of the long-term ramifications of choices on my life…and my old fear of failure is rearing its ugly head: “What if I make the WRONG choice and lose out on the perfect opportunity b/c of that choice??” “What if there’s no way to correct that misstep??”…and on and on.
    • How to make it happen:
      • stop focusing on all the potentially bad things that can come from change, and focus on the good. I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind to effect change in the body and in actions/habits…if I focus on how I can better myself through change, then that’s what will happen. With that kind of an attitude, there’s no way to fail!
  • Pray more persistently.
    • God seems quiet on many issues that I bring him, and I’ve realized that I’m very impatient about prayer…I don’t like to repeatedly ask for things…I’d rather God just answer right away. This is ridiculously immature…especially for how long I’ve been a Christian, so I think 2007  is the year to work on patience for spiritual formation.
      • how to make it happen: put prayers in writing at least 1x/week to maintain focus.

    So that’s it. There are other, professional goals and a few super-personal ones that really aren’t blog-appropriate, but those are the main ones! :) What are yours?


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