new shoes!!!

Warning: Uber-girly post ahead

My beloved work shoes (incredibly comfortable and very “me” in their styling) finally gave up the ghost. They’re 5 years old, and have been worn 5-7 times/week for the past 3 years. I’ve been nursing them along by polishing, shining, and conditioning the leather every couple of weeks. The seams have finally begun to split and the tops of both shoes have cracked. Not very professional looking. ::sigh:: Thankfully, mom agreed to go shoe-shopping with me, and I found some adorable and COMFORTABLE shoes from DSW.

AND mom bought me these:sparkly skecher shoes

Sparkly, comfy black shoes…SO CUTE…I wore them every possible second today. :)

We also battled a broken water-pipe connection under the house. NOT fun–that meant all the h2o had to be turned off all day–so no weekend laundry, etc…and much of the day was eaten up by getting the wrong parts, exchanging them for the right parts, crawling under the house (done by the wunderhub, NOT me),  talking to the incredibly brave and skilled wunderhub while he was under said house to make sure he was OK, etc.

Hopefully, the seal on the new pipe connection will cure by tomorrow AM and we’ll be able to shower, wash dishes & clothes, and otherwise live like the civilized and absurdly privileged Americans that we are. :)

Tomorrow–church, menu planning for the week, last minute shopping, and a family event. Good times.



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2 responses to “new shoes!!!

  1. New blog look to complement the new shoes? Super cute, Mircat!

  2. Those are adorable.

    Now I have shoe envy. How dare you cause me to stumble! ;-D

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