We’re headed to Colorado for the weekend–good times…though I’m a bit off-put by the minus 9 degree temperatures they’ve been having at night(!!). It’ll be fun–we’re visiting my eponymous aunt, her husband, and our 2 cousins (who were both in our wedding party). There’s a chance we may get snowed in at the airport…please pray that this does not happen. Adventures like those are nice sounding in theory and fun when you’re a kid…but when you a grown up with a job to get to, they’re not very welcome. ::sigh::

In other news, we need a full. copper. repipe.  (that last phrase is for all you Buffy nerds out there!)

Mega bummer.

God is good, though–our tax refund should help ease the burden a bit…of course, I had about 4 other very good/necessary things I *wanted* to do with that refund… ah well, it’s better than not having one at all!!

In other news, I’m slated to start my first grad-level English class on March 26. Neither words not smilies can express how absurdly excited I am about this… :-D

I’ll let you know how our adventure in CO goes and post pics soon!


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