minus eight degrees

aka, 8 degrees BELOW zero.

That was the temperature when we arrived in CO on Thursday night. Our jeans froze as we waited for the shuttle to take us to the hotel.

When we woke up the following morning, there were heaps of snow everwhere. Some cars in the parking lot were buried almost up to their windows.

Our uncle picked us up around lunchtime the following morning. As we drove to Woodland Park (which is near the famous South Park…yes, it’s a real town!), we stopped by Garden of the Gods, a breathtaking collection of Sedona-like reddish rock formations. Turning down a small side road in our massive SUV, we twirled 360 degrees in about 1.5 seconds, having driven onto a sheet of ice. That was also breathtaking. :)

Highlights include bonding with our two cousins, Lucas (8) and Sammie (13). Sammie is obsessed with High School Musical, so I got to watch it with her.  The wunderhusband enjoyed sledding with Lucas–he ended up functioning as a human roller-coaster-manufacturer. The snow was about 4 feet deep, and very powdery. So, when he slid down the hill, he eventually would plow a big hole on the way down and the sled would stay in the hole, and he’d fly off. Lucas, coming down after him and weighing about 45 lbs soaking wet, would slide into the hole, keep sliding up the other side, and catch air on his way out of the hole.  It was an eight year old boy’s dream.

We also went to an amazing ice cream shop–Colorado Creamery– that made all its own ice cream there on the premises.  Their creations were flavorful, fresh, and delicious, and since they sold by the ounce, I got to try all the flavors that caught my eye: cookie dough, Pike’s Peak (mini PB cups, fudge ribbon, & vanilla ice cream), etc.

Bonding with our Aunt & Uncle was also good fun–they’re both incredibly talented architects/artists. It’s so good to be around intensely creative people!

Another highlight: flying in thru a snowstorm. What a sight–we were sitting by the engine lights, so as we flew in to land, there were these long, silver streaks, like icicles made of colored air that dissipated the instant they hit the plane. Absolutely magical.

Can’t wait to go back to CO…we hear the Autumn colors are phenomenal.


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