“older & bolder”

That’s our motto for 2007.

The aesthetically talented wunderhusband repainted our office to a gorgeous, homey, comforting, sage-y green…AKA the color we wanted when we initially painted. When we started, we were overly cautious and scared about picking a color that was “too dark”, and ended up with a horrible cross between mint and lime. (Note: these two are delicious when combined in, say, a homemade mojito, but terrible when combined visually). What a relief to have a beautiful office!

Now, on to the bedroom…argh. We’ve never actually figured out what we want in the bedroom–we keep coming up with vague, conceptual descriptions like: “oh, we want it to be romantic/warm/cozy”, etc. I think I found the duvet we’ll use:

red bedding ::sigh:: Now to decide on what the paint color will be. According to my color research, we could go with a deep purple (?!!), grey, white, taupe, and various shades of charcoal and brown. It just depends on what mood we want to set. ERGH.

In other news, I REGISTERED for my FIRST GRADUATE LEVEL CLASS today!!!!!!! So exciting. The title is nothing particularly grand: “Studies in English Literature”. It meets on Mondays from 5:30-9:20…a nice, solid, 4 hour chunk that I know will fly by, especially since it’s seminar-style. I absolutely cannot wait to see the reading list.

Happy dreams, all…make it a great week!


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