at last….

As my fellow home-improvement junkies can attest, a home is never truly finished. However, there are certain milestones that bring you a whole lot closer to completing a project….and the wunderhusband and I have achieved one of them.

Our room is FINALLY decorated!!

Our bedroom used to be stark white, with no decorations on the wall. Why? We couldn’t agree on a good theme to structure our decorating around…until…we decided to change the colors.

Up went a red accent wall and warm sunset-beige surrounding walls.

My stress level in trying to find coordinating bedding also went up…red is even HARDER than green to match properly. And I’m terrible at coordinating colors (though after this experience, I’m a tad more competent, thru sheer necessity).

We decided on  modular decorative shelving, and kept our existing furniture. Thanks to lots of President’s Day sales, we squeaked in at a total budget of under $300. The paint was the priciest total expenditure at $25/gallon (yikes!)


(If you’re interested, feel free to view the entire room and excruciatingly detailed descriptions here)


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