big decisions…

Yeah, those are always fun…

“le sigh”, to quote Jessica.

Today I learned that in order to pursue one opportunity, it is necessary to reject and thereby eliminate other opportunities.

Yeah, I know that’s very basic and common-sense. But I’ve always tried to do everything. And it finally sunk in today that as a grown-up, I just can’t do everything at the same time. And somehow, I’m going to be OK with that.

(sidebar rant: when situations like these come up, I find myself increasingly bitter at not being a genius. I knew a guy whose friend successfully completed medical school and a BA in music performance at the same time. Why can’t *I*, say, pursue a demanding career and a graduate degree simultaneously and be awesome at both??? Then I remember my 4 disabled siblings, none of whom will ever even learn to read, and I breathe a prayer of thanks for a healthy (though un-genius) mind and a non-disabled body. End sidebar rant).

Surprisingly, I have an enormous amount of peace surrounding the decision I’ve made. (I’m sure this is due in large part to the gracious and copious prayers from those who love me).

Happily, this decision making process has helped the wunderhusband and I hone our communication skills. Behold, from a recent discussion:

X: “Thanks for being so understanding and flexible, dear”

Y: “Oh, no problem. When I finally realized what you were saying, I saw how cool your point was and how it wasn’t as lame as I originally thought”.
More details to come…


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