OK, so they’re not actually called that…but whatever you do, DON’T BUY the “Carb Cutting Multi Grain Wraps” made by La Tortilla Factory. I bought them at Von’s 2 days ago to use for breakfast burritos, etc. They’re HUGE (the size of a large dinner plate), relatively soft, and only have 100 calories/wrap and have 14 grams of fiber/wrap (56% RDA). They’re were a bit pricey…over $3 or $4 for 6 of them. I’d had something similar before (made by a different brand) and enjoyed them. And, having to consume enormous amounts of constipation-inducing- iron supplements to stay one step ahead of the anemia-monster makes me appreciate anything with a lot of fiber.

The only trouble with these critters? They SMELL LIKE A WET DOG. I was eating one this morning and started gagging and wondering where the weird smell was coming from…and finally traced it to the wrap. The freshness date gave them another month ’til they expired, and there was absolutely no visible mold or spoilage. And I didn’t get sick from eating the one wrap.

So, I decided to drown the weird flavor and make them into Chicken Cream Cheese Enchiladas. If you looked at the recipe, you’ll note that these are terrifically smothered enchiladas. (I used Southwest Pepperjack Cream Sauce [from Campbell’s] instead of Cream of Mushroom, and added a small can of diced green chiles for extra flavor. I used 1 can of chicken breast and 2 lowfat Chicken Sausages w/ Bell Pepper & Onion from Trader Joe’s [ground up in my food processor]. I also reduced the cheese from 8 oz to 2.5-3 oz, and used the Lite 3 Cheese Blend from TJS).

I just tasted the enchiladas, and GUESS WHAT WAS STILL THERE. Yep, now I have wonderful Spicy Chicken Cream Cheese Enchiladas with Infusion of Wet Dog. ::sigh:: Hopefully, by tomorrow, the tortillas will be more thoroughly soaked in enchilada sauce and lose the Wet Dog ickiness.

But seriously, try this recipe–it took about 15 minutes to make, and can be made much healthier by using non-Wet-Dog-Infused Whole Grain tortillas (instead of flour ones), and keeping everything else lowfat/low sodium. And DON’T buy the “Carb Cutting Multi Grain Wraps” made by La Tortilla Factory!!

~A bitter Mircat


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