quick updates

Let’s see, the WH and I completed the LA Marathon Bike Tour on March 4th–great times! It’s only about 20 miles long, and since there were tons of streets shut down, it was a really fun way to see parts of Los Angeles up close. I’m *extremely* slow, so we took 2 hours to complete the course. :) After we got home, the WH did extensive research on tandem bikes, for some reason. :-p

In other news, there are many changes occurring in my immediate circumstances:. No, I’m not pregnant or moving. :) But I am starting my MA in English Literature/TESL at the end of this month (WOW–FINALLY), and altering my work schedule to reduce my hours from full time to 2/3 time (in my line of work, this is semi-earth shattering and unheard of). I have also been given the opportunity to teach ESL in China for 1 month this summer. I can’t wait to go!

The WH is also starting a new position (hopefully very soon) in a county ER. It will be a decent schedule, though extremely dynamic (read: unpredictable). The learning curve is also very high during the first year, so he’ll be spending many hours of his own time studying & augmenting his knowledge base.

We also spent a lovely weekend in Oceanside at a friend’s beach-side condo. Since we were so close to San Diego, we took the opportunity to visit the Wild Animal Park there. We got to see a 2 month old baby elephant, and a mother elephant in labor(!!). We also enjoyed their beautiful Pine Forest trail (there’s a gorgeous waterscape there), and their Bonsai House.

Sorry for such a pedestrian post…the next one will be more interesting! :)


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