since I probably won’t be saying this in a couple of weeks…

I want to say it now: I just did 5.5 hours of homework, and I AM SO HAPPY!! This is my first week of classes (for an MA in English literature and TESL). Sadly, I have to say that although my love of literature has never disappeared, I’d forgotten (til now) how much I ADORE studying literature. AND, I’ve discovered a new thrill–pedagogy theory…WOW! Mega-cool. We’re studying different ways to teach writing to Freshman Composition students.

It’s interesting to come back to school now, having been out of formal academia since 2001–I have so many more opinions now than I did as an undergrad, and that feels strange and fun simultaneously. It’s a lot more work–instead of automatically sitting in class like a sponge, I find myself

  •  analyzing what’s being said
  •  comparing it to knowledge I already have
  •  realizing that I don’t really know much of anything
  •  getting frustrated at said lack of knowledge
  • realizing that I’ve missed some of the discussion by dwelling on said frustration and finally
  • turning off my running commentary and going back into sponge mode …
    • To effectively turn off the distracting internal commentary, I DO allow myself to write down questions as they come to me.

My teachers are AMAZING (smart, passionate and blindingly knowledgeable)–I’m taking Dream Theory in Medieval Literature, Colonialism/Postcolonialism in World Lit (particularly Carribbean, Indian, and African works), and Teaching Freshman Composition.

The other students seem nice…many of them work, so they seem a bit tired/drained. I miss my Chumskillets more than ever, but there’s nothing new there. :-/

Please pray for me to do a great job in class this Tuesday–I have a presentation worth 20% of my grade (!!), and  I will be the first to present…yipes.


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