to be grateful for…

just a list of things to be happy about, since there’s so much melancholy going around these days! No, the list is not in order of importance!! :)

  • friends…they make life liveable
  • family…irreplaceable, inspiring
  • God’s all-sustaining love…”the love that moves the sun & other stars”
  • free will & the power to change (I appreciate this more and more as I get older)
  • the ability to learn
  • flowers (I’m not sure why they make me so happy, but I’m glad they do)
  • blue skies–great for sky-diving in or just for gazing into
  • pets…for the laughter & comfort they bring
  • books, books, books…oh how I love them!
  • digital cameras…it’s so nice to be able to take tons of pictures w/o worrying about running out of film!
  • living in an age of ever-changing technology (I can’t wait to see how different my life will be 10 years from now)
  • marriage…everyone says it just gets better and better…and is that ever true! the cool thing is that as I change and grow as an individual, so does my love for my husband…My love for him feels far different now than it did 2.75 years ago…. deeper, like there’s a stronger foundation being built under it. It’s strange to love someone so much that words (another something to be grateful for!!) lose nearly all of their effectiveness.
  • gratitude…I’m so blessed to have family & friends who are nice enough to share their appreciation, even when I’m not so great about doing so!
  • sparkling stars
  • healthy foods & restaurants that prepare them
  • choices (even when having them is frustrating)
  • hugs!!! :)

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