april update

Yeay! Remember that presentation I was stressing out over? The one I had to give 7 days after the the start of my first quarter as a grad student…EVER?? My Prof. just let me know that I received “a solid ‘A'”. Nice. Thanks to all of you who prayed and listened to me freak out.

In other happy news–MY BEST FRIEND IS IN TOWN. We get to spend the weekend together, a real treat.  Also had a fun time browsing the local Vegetarian Market/Health food store today with a 3rd generation vegetarian (talk about hard core!). She gave me SO many fun tips on how to use all the crazy vegan alternatives that I’ve always wondered what to do with (e.g., freeze-dried, fake sausage, etc).

The Wunderhusband just got home….gotta go make sure he’s fed. :)


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