I LOVE cheese in virtually any form. It’s such an easy, inexpensive way to get protein into my diet, and there are so many lowfat, delicious versions.

However, for the last 2 years, I’ve severely restricted my cheese intake b/c I read that calcium inhibits the uptake of iron in one’s body, thereby exacerbating anemia (something I struggle with). But, I just read another article that clarified the issue. Apparently, one’s intake of calcium has to be extremely high to negatively affect the body’s uptake of iron. Silly me for not researching further.

HURRAH! I can eat cheese again! :)

Having moved toward a progressively vegetarian diet, and not wanting to eat soy more than once or twice a week (given the current controversy on soy’s benefits/drawbacks, plus its highly processed state), I’ve been longing to supplement my protein intake with cheese. BTW, the Vegetarian Times (article available in print version of Mar 2007 issue only) had a nice article on soy–a breakdown of current criticism and positive views. Bottom line? Moderation. Shocking, eh?

Another interesting article–while browsing through the “green issue” of Elle (while waiting for my passport photo to be finished at RiteAid), I ran across a really cool article on how sugar consumption somehow inhibits the regeneration of the skin and makes people age prematurely. I’m tempted to buy the magazine for the article, just so I can read it more thoroughly. Sugar is my downfall, and I’m always looking for ways to wean myself away from it (mentally and physically!).

Does anyone know of good ways that true vegetarians maintain their iron levels? Apparently, heme iron is the best kind of iron to help maintain healthy levels (according to the article I just read), and is only available in shellfish, meat, and fish (never in veggies). Non-heme iron is available in veggies/fortified foods. However, I’ve heard differing views–that it’s easily possible to get enough iron from eating iron-rich veggies, etc. Grrrr.

On a more positive note, here’s a nice list of 8 Foods Every Vegetarian Should Eat.


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