Menu Plan Monday

We’re a 2 person household, with one person in school full time (hence the over-abundance of sandwiches) and the other person working strange hours and also needing portable food. We also have slightly different tastes (the Wunderhusband being a bit more carniverous than I am).

WunderHusband will need 2 Meals To Go (Monday and Saturday)


  • Breakfast—Eggbeaters Omelette w/ Sliced Turkey, Peppers, & Mushrooms

Snack—String Cheese; Celery w/ Lite Cheese OR Butternut Squash Soup


At NIGHT—put in a loaf of bread to bake in bread machine so there’s fresh bread in the morning.


  • Breakfast—Oatmeal (high protein) OR Fresh Bread w/ Cheese/Eggs

Snack—Butternut Squash Soup

  • Lunch—Vegetarian Reuben for me; Steak & Salad for WH w/ Sauteed Peppers & Mushrooms


  • Dinner—PB & Honey w. Raisins & Apples + String Cheese + other half of apple


  • Breakfast—Chai Smoothie w/ Banana (made w/ unsweetened Chai Powder from Trader Joe’s, No-Sugar added, non-fat Vanilla Frozen Yogurt, & 1 whole banana + ice)

Snack—Chicken Broth or Butternut Squash soup

  • Lunch—Mexican Style Panini for me (alternative for WH-Turkey Panini) (to use up leftover ingredients)



  • Breakfast—Omelette w/ Sliced Turkey, Peppers & Mushrooms

Snack—string Cheese or Soup or Broth

  • Lunch—Leftover Vegetable Cheese Pie


Snack at School—String Cheese/Prunes

  • Dinner—at Mom’s house


  • Breakfast—Oatmeal or last of Omelette Ingredients

Snack—finish off Butternut Squash Soup/Broth, etc

  • Lunch—Take a PB & Honey/Raisin/Apple Sandwich to work

Snack—other ½ of apple

  • Dinner—Baked Salmon w/ Steamed Artichokes & Side Salad


  • Breakfast—Chai Smoothie w/ Banana

Snack—String Cheese

  • Lunch—zucchini stir fry w/ light sprinkling of cheese;
  • Dinner—Pack remaining Stir fry, Cooked Salmon, & String Cheese for WH+ Chips for Snacks

Check out more cool menu plans here:



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5 responses to “Menu Plan Monday

  1. KC

    The Peanut Butter Panini with Apples and Raisins sounds really yummy, I’m going to have to try those.. My boys love Peanut Butter, but my girls don’t so this would be something I try for me, DH and the Boys and the girls can find something different to eat.
    Have a Happy Monday.

  2. I love how you have it all split up into the different days, I have mine that way too but not as organized and detailed as yours :)

    The Mexican style panini looks wonderful :)

    Thanks for sharing, mine is up too.


  3. Your menu looks great!
    ♥ Annie
    My Life as Annie!

  4. Once I have internet access at home again maybe I’ll join you! Maybe that would inspire me to actually do my planning…

    The fact that I’m tired of pop tarts and peanut butter sandwiches might also help. ;)

  5. I definitely understand having different taste. My husband just loves meat but we’re following a low fat, sugar free diet these days.
    So there’s not much frying and red meat in our household.

    You have a terrific week.

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