ok, SERiously…

It’s been 18 hours, and I’m still in shock. I have a VERY cool World Lit Professor right now (my fave class, of course). She’s young, yet well traveled, very well read, has an interesting global perspective on the world, etc….in other words, she’s unusally well-rounded for a literature person. Since she’s young, she’s really good about using technology (which is SO nice in a professor), and so I occasionally email her links to sites that I think she might enjoy or that pertain to somethingwe talked to in class.

Here’s a recent email exchange:


Hi [Cool Professor]:

While researching my abstract, I came across this link: http://www.blackgirlinparis.com/

It’s an intriguing personal website run by a woman who seems like a neo-negritude (if there is such a thing) activist. She’s extremely eloquent, and speaks very candidly on her views on politics and racial tensions in France…. maybe I’m mis-interpreting her writing, but she really does sound like the negritude authors we’ve been reading. It was so weird to come across this, especially after we just discussed the passing away of negritude as it evolved into something else…

Cool Professor:

“[insightful thoughts on website and its meaning, etc]
Hope your research is going well!”


“[chatter excitedly abt how I agree with CP’s thoughts, etc]

Research is going OK….it’s frustrating b.c I can’t decide on whether to do a whole new paper on Zobel or to expand my Kincaid paper.

Do you think my short paper is complex/interesting enough to expand on? Or should I start from scratch on something new? I REALLY like Kincaid and would like to do more with her, but at the same time, I don’t want to pursue the topic further if it’s lame or too shallow. :-/”


“[more cool thoughts…]

About your paper–I wasn’t going to get to them until tomorrow but i’m happy to read yours now. Give me an hour or so and I’ll get back to you. Zobel can be tricky to talk about because his narrative can appear very straight-forward and deceivingly simple (I love that expression) but that doesn’t mean you can’t tackle it. Let me see what you have on Kincaid and I’ll let you know if I have any “insights” on your kincaid vs. zobel dilemna!”

*** exactly 1 hour later….***

The final verdict is in: not lame and not shallow! I would definitely encourage you to continue working on Kincaid–your short essay is very rich and very engaging. Figure out how to expand it and what your overarching thesis might be for the longer paper and start drafting your abstract.
I hope this helps.
Enjoy the rest of your week-end!


So, yeah, I’m pretty sure this prof not only emailed me, but READ MY PAPER ON HER SUNDAY AFTERNOON OFF. WOW. Yeah. Still shocked.

Thanks be to God for awesome teachers.


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