Creativity Project, Day 1

I’m counting this as Monday’s Post, even though it’s now 1.5 hours into Tuesday! :-P (see, creative view of time…yeah, that’s it).

  1. Today, how have I creatively showed the WunderHusband that I love him?
    1. Not very extensively! Rushed home when I realized he had arrived home earlier than I expected, and offered words of sympathy and encouragement about his day. Brought laptop into living room to sit with him as he slept on the couch since he’s mentioned that he just likes to have me near him.
  2. Today, how have I created a word picture to effectively communicate a meaningful idea?
    1. HERE GOES! The dimples in 1 year old Lucy’s elbows are so extraordinary so as to be rarely seen on humans or any other species on earth, for that matter. To envision her dimples, join me in the following thought experiment: Imagine holding a long cylinder of smooth, pink PlayDo. Now, if your fingers are small, take your pinkie and press the tip of it into the PlayDo about 2/3rd of the way up the first digit. If your fingers are very large, take a ballpoint pen (non-writing end) and press into the PlayDo, making a hole about ½ an inch deep. Now that you’ve made a hole this deep, gently press the PlayDo so that the lower portion of the hole is narrower than the top….mold the rest of the PlayDo into the cutest baby arm known to humanity, making sure the dimple you created is smack in the middle of the elbow region, and you have a rough approximation of the dimples that belong to Lucy Motte’s arms. How did I do, Rachel?

  3. Today, how have I visually processed/described an event or concept (NO WORDS ALLOWED)?
    1. chihuly blue chandelier (here’s a link to the pic in case wordpress doesn’t cooperate)
      1. note: my first instinct was to use a picture that had a phrase printed on it….sooo word oriented!
  4. What helpful resource have I gleaned to further my progress toward being more creative?
    1. 7 Tools to Help Generate Creative Ideas (thanks Jared Madden!)
  5. Since creativity is an extravagant gift from the Creator, how have I meaningfully connected with Him today?
    1. Hmmm. I prayed about a disturbing dream I had last night and asked Him to help me process it. Also prayed for Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears to find peace, balance, and true happiness–they have such power to effect positive change (in a more visible manner than most of us)…. To be honest, though, I didn’t do a particularly good, deliberate job of connecting with the master Creator today. I will improve this tomorrow.

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  1. Dude. That has GOT to go in her baby book. :-D Too much fun!

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