creativity project–intro and explanation

Inspired by my mother (creative genius extraordinaire), my good friends Rachel (thinks outside the box without trying, hilariously creative sense of humor), Joi (absurdly talented artist and accomplished reader with very diverse interests; very visual thinker), & Juliet (my seemingly effortlessly creative, amazing best friend), and my college mentor, John Mark Reynolds (easily the most prolific, diversely creative person I’ve yet to meet on an intellectual level), I’ve embarked on a 30 day experiment/project to increase my own scope of creativity.

So, from now through June 27th, I will deliberately and purposefully engage in practicing 5 different creative activities. The categories are the following questions:

  1. Today, how have I creatively showed the WunderHusband that I love him?
  2. Today, how have I created a word picture to effectively communicate a meaningful idea?
  3. Today, how have I visually processed/described an event or concept (NO WORDS ALLOWED)?
  4. What helpful resource have I gleaned to further my progress toward being more creative?
  5. Since creativity is an extravagant gift from the Creator, how have I meaningfully connected with Him today?

For a discussion of further inspiration for this project and why I structured it this way, read on! :)

After Googling “learn to be more creative” and “learn to generate creative ideas”, I realized that apparently, creativity can be taught, and is sought after highly enough to command a fairly high price when taught in a seminar or self development program. However, most of these programs offered ways to learn to be creative to increase one’s profitability in business, etc.That started me wondering…WHY do I want to be more creative and WHAT sort of creativity to I want to develop?

Following the advice of my inspiring article for Day 1, I brought up a blank Word Document and started brainstorming.

TYPES of Creativity to Develop and REASONS to Develop them:

  • Asking good, relevant, interesting questions about issues being discussed, things that I read, current events

  • Coming up with possible answers/solutions to above
    • (ones that are creative, interesting, and well thought out)

  • Asking insightful, wise questions in conversation (when other people ask me for advice or my opinion), and of myself and my husband

  • Spontaneously (on the spot) generating fun activities for self and others
    • (by fun I mean edifying, interesting, and enjoyable)

  • Thinking outside of the box, and not allowing norms to negatively limit me,
    • e.g., how I can use an object, how I can best accomplish a task, how to solve a problem, how to best cope with a situation, how to live, how to interact with others, rethinking my views, analyzing politics, thinking about God, developing my spirituality

  • Generating ideas for showing love to others in a healthy, meaningful manner
    • (making use of the 5 love languages—verbal, acts of service, time, Giving gifts, physical)
    • mine are Verbal (duh!) :), Time, and Gifts; I believe the Wunderhusband’s are Time, Acts of Service, and Verbal).
  • Engaging in new projects that will make me a better person, and make my life and the lives of those around me better

  • Artistic creativity—awareness of music, visual and other media art, and the ability to incorporate it into my own life and thereby share it with others
    • Embroidery, altered book making, cards, pictures, collages, photo albums, sewing, the way I dress/express myself, etc.

  • Intellectual creativity—ability to incorporate new information and skills into my life and share those with others effectively

  • Think/communicate more visually (not usually how I think)
  • Communicate with more “word pictures” (NEED TO WORK ON THIS!)

Now, even in its limited, not-even-close-to-comprehensive form, this list is still a bit daunting.

So, I decided to break the pursuit down into manageable chunks

As this article by Tynan (he’s quite a character) notes, it’s better to commit to something for a defined, manageable period of time (10 days, 1 month, etc) rather than to say “I’m going to be more creative from now on”.

So, I “Considered” my decision (see above), “Committed” (see beginning of this post), and am “Locked In”–committed to EVERY DAY doing the 5 Creative Disciplines I’ve set out for myself. Part of that “Lock In” is my decision to post this process here, where other people can read it and who I know will notice if I miss a day! :-P

Comments are always welcome…and if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!



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2 responses to “creativity project–intro and explanation

  1. Wow! What a brave, ambitious and interesting project! If I were doing the same I think I’d focus on one goal for the first week, then do goals 1 & 2 the second week, then 1,2, & 3 the 3rd week, etc. Otherwise I KNOW I would just get burned out and wouldn’t get anywhere. But that’s just me. :)

    It’ll be so cool to read about your progress!

  2. As for my being able to think outside the box without trying, I read somewhere that INTPs don’t just think outside the box, they also grab the box, use it as a hat, and play peekaboo with it while giggling, ‘Am I inside the box, or outside the box now?’

    There’s your word picture for Tuesday…

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