Creativity Project, Day 2

Apparently 1:30 AM is the magic time for my creativity posts! :) This is for TUESDAY!

  1. Today, how have I creatively showed the WunderHusband that I love him?
    1. This was an interesting one today: when he called at 11 PM to say he was on his way home from work, exhausted, sick & starving, I made a special spread (very quickly) to have waiting for him when he walked in the door: His favorite smoothie in a big glass, and an appetizer of homemade hot Spinach & Cheese dip w/ homemade pita chips (all whipped up within 5 minutes, since the dip was pre-made). Also set the table with a candle to set a relaxing mood. This kept his appetite at bay while I cooked chicken, veggies, & rice for an entree. Also made a point of taking care of all household issues so that he wouldn’t need to think about them.
  2. Today, how have I created a word picture to effectively communicate a meaningful idea?
    1. Rachel graciously contributed this one! “INTPs don’t just think outside the box, they also grab the box, use it as a hat, and play peekaboo with it while giggling, ‘Am I inside the box, or outside the box now?’
  3. Today, how have I visually processed/described an event or concept (NO WORDS ALLOWED)?
    1. link to picture in case wordpress is being recalcitrant
  4. What helpful resource have I gleaned to further my progress toward being more creative?
    1. A COOL blogthis guy is a bit odd, and I don’t agree with everything he say. However, his work-life balance, emphasis on family, and deliberate “live outside the norm” attitude is an inspiration.
  5. Since creativity is an extravagant gift from the Creator, how have I meaningfully connected with Him today?
    1. LOTS of spontaneous prayer–and he kinda reached out to me today in the form of a professor asking if I’d present an academic paper at a conference on Friday. GOOD TIMES…and such a lovely affirmation of my choice of major/education/career path.

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