Creativity Project, Day 3 (WHOO HOO… actually ON TIME) :)

  1. Today, how have I creatively showed the WunderHusband that I love him?
    1. Didn’t scream at him when I realized he’d transferred his fever/cold combo to me 3 days before finals week. Clued him in to a cool way to purchase some seasons of Angel at a fabulous price (around $20/season), though that was a definite plus for me as well!
  1. Today, how have I created a word picture to effectively communicate a meaningful idea?
    1. This is a tough one today, but here goes. Dedicated to a very dear person (who does not read this blog):

      1. “Quiet desperation” doesn’t fully capture the aura that surrounds you. Your desperation is a heavy, oozing substance, emanating even from the light toss of your highlighted hair, your cavalier phrases, your (well) feigned detachment. And when I think about it, your despair doesn’t have the urgent feel of desperation—you’re simply resigned to it, embracing it, even; pulling it on like just one more pair of your perfectly tailored, fashionably tattered, acid-scrubbed jeans.
    2. Today, how have I visually processed/described an event or concept (NO WORDS ALLOWED)?

This picture captures despair and hope in one image for me.

  1. What helpful resource have I gleaned to further my progress toward being more creative?
    1. An Extraordinary book of short stories: Interpretor of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri. An “easy” read, in that she’s very accessible and pleasant, yet her stories stay with you, making you mull them over, to reveal some beautiful thoughts and provocative questions.
  1. Since creativity is an extravagant gift from the Creator, how have I meaningfully connected with Him today?

Read John 1…one of the most moving, beautiful, and worth-thinking-about passages in the Bible. WOW. Makes me cry every time.



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2 responses to “Creativity Project, Day 3 (WHOO HOO… actually ON TIME) :)

  1. I love your word picture. Beautifully said!

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