Day 4–a digression :)

got a bit too cocky last time about being on time! :) Yesterday was a wonderful, unexpected bubbling over of creativity, right in the middle of my pedagogy class…umm, RANDOM!?!? I was sitting in class during a discussion of Fulkerson’s views of critical pedagogy, and all of a sudden I got an idea for decorating composition books as journals…and it just spiraled out of control from there! Thoughts of library pockets, envelopes on pages, gesso-ed covers, buckles and ties for covers, themes, etc., all skittered through my mind as I frantically jotted everything down…I could get used to this! :)

Back to our regularly scheduled program:

1) Wunderhub care-taking–poor guy is still very sick, so I made sure he took vitamins (he rarely does) and tried to make meals that were appetizing so he’d be able to eat.

2) Word picture: This one ended up being rather long, so I decided to give it its own post “Mercy is a purple tree”.

3) Visual Processing: This one was easy:)

4) Helpful resource: An extraordinarily talented artist who is exceptionally good at explaining her creative processes. It’s worth registering to see her in-depth articles.

5) Connecting: Just expressing gratitude in prayer for His mercy.


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