Mercy is a purple tree…

the digression of Day 4 continues!:)

Mercy is a purple tree.

When the jacaranda trees bloom, my heart jumps… seeing just one makes me smile, redeems a bad day, tips a good day over into the “red-letter” kind. I’ve never understood why these luscious, purple-blossomed trees have come to mean so much to me over the past few years. Until today.

Bear with me through some back-story. There’s a movie that I have watched nearly every year since 1999.

Yes, it makes me cry buckets every single time. One of the most meaningful symbols is a “purple tree”, a way in which two soul mates connect, even after one has died. It starts as a symbol of hope, then turns into a symbol of tragedy and loss, and then is finally redeemed as a symbol of life and joy.

In the same way, so has my relationship to this movie progressed—I first discovered it through someone very dear to me, who ultimately ended up shredding portions of my soul…I think I skipped an annual viewing during that time of pain, loss, and misery….and then I returned, realizing that this movie and its meaning were mine to treasure.

Then I met the Wunder-husband. And guess what one of his favorite movies was?

In some ways, I know that God put us into each other’s lives in the nick of time to yank our souls off the dark paths that we might have started down. And now, once a year, we sit and watch our favorite movie snuggled together, cry like the ridiculous romantics that we are, and thank God for allowing us to find and love each other. Love and redemption from so much pain.

And so I say, mercy is a purple tree.



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2 responses to “Mercy is a purple tree…

  1. Wow. What’s the name of the movie, if I may ask?

  2. Sure–It’s _What Dreams May Come_. I’ve watched this movie so many times, and all I see is Dante when I watch it! :) It has some of the most meaningful, beautiful explorations of love and its redemptive power that I’ve ever seen. I think it takes multiple viewings to soak in all its goodness, and I’m sure my personal connections to the movie help as well. Some poeple emphasize its “weird take on theology”, but I really don’t see the movie trying to hash out its own version of theology–it’s more concerned with exploring love and the best way to show love to others, and naturally God has to be in there!

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